Easy! 2 Steps To Understanding How Technology Use Impacts Kids

13 ways tech impacts kids
"Galit Breen is the guru for teaching kids to use the Internet responsibly."

— Leighann Adams, MultitaskingMama.com

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Your digital parenting is looking simpler already ...


Y’know, what you just did?


…takes guts.


You believe in yourself (you VALUE your time and your sanity) enough to stop wasting time wringing your hands in worry and just do things the right way.


You already know it’s not enough to (over)THINK about this topic – you need a rock solid plan so that you can hop off the worry train and actually enjoy this stage again.


Doors to the Raise Your Digital Kid™ experience only open a few times a year, but since you’re on the early notification list, you’ll know before anyone else. Pinky promise.


… So who are our grads?


Top-notch, STELLAR ladies (and gents) like you who went from Chief Household Worrier to Savvy, Informed Parents, and they look like this:


Mariah F., mom of two, who already knew what she wanted to teach her children about the online world, but didn't know how. She says,

Mariah F.png

"My favorite thing about RYDK is that it is simple, and it builds our trust in our child. It’s about integrity; interacting and developing critical thinking skills instead of policing device & internet usage, so my child learns to make safe and kind decisions even when we are NOT watching!"


Liz B., mom of one, who was just starting to dip her toes into this terrain when she started RYDK™, and just 2 weeks later found the peace of mind and plan that she was looking for! She says,

Liz B.png

"I'm so glad I signed up when I did, because I know I can access it ANYtime, and because it's really just given me a lot of peace about the whole digital kid thing! It's really just reaffirmed what my gut was telling me: I don't want to hand her a phone (or any gadget) without SOME guidelines, nor do I want to say no to a phone thinking that will keep her safe."


Emma W., mom of two, who was at her wits end with arguments with her kids over technology. She says,

Emma W RYDK testimonial on WHITE.png

"I’ve just started the programme, and I’m already focusing on teaching them to put the computer or phone away when they finish and telling them what I’m doing with mine!"


Raise Your Digital Kid™ is the gateway drug for going from Tired, Worried Mom to Savvy, Relaxed Parent.

And now YOU will have the opportunity to step up and join them with more peace of mind, confidence, and a solid plan for teaching your child to have a healthy relationship with technology.


galit breen circle.png

A couple of days before doors open to the whole These Little Waves community, I’ll email you with more info about the Raise Your Digital Kid™ program so that you can decide if this is your time to steer your child where you want them to go on the Internet and trade in your worries for peace of mind and confidence.


I hope you’ll join us.