Workshop Bonuses!

Thank you so much for joining us today!
I am so excited to share these bonuses with you!


Writing Ideas That Will Instantly Sharpen Your Children's Skills

An amazing way to sharpen children's academic skills is to have them practice daily writing. What they write doesn't matter nearly as much as whether they write, but it is always nice to have fresh ideas to try out. This is a free checklist of the writing prompts that I use with my own children. Consider printing one out for each child so that they can pick and choose what writing they want to tackle every single day and check off the ones they've done!


Stellar Activities For Kids Online and Off

This is my signature system for guiding our children to great online and off line activity choices. It is equal parts effective, fun, and sanity-saving. If it is helpful, you can read the blog post about how I set this in motion in my home by clicking right here and then print your free checklists. These cheat sheets are super useful and you can use them right away!


How To Make An iPhone Movie: By Kids, For Kids

When my girls, Kayli 12, and Chloe 10, heard that Stephanie and I would be talking about great things for kids to do online, they immediately got to work. They created this video to show how they make iPhone movies—quickly and beautifully. These have become the girls' favorite birthday and holiday gifts to give! Enjoy the video, and if your little artist decides to try making one, too, let us know. Kayli and Chloe would love to hear all about it!


Great Learning Apps For Kids

When I asked my kids what learning apps they love, the ideas were absolutely flowing! These are their favorites and about half of them were on their school, and sometimes their specific teacher's, blogs on the school pages under "Student Resources" or "Web Links." How fabulous is that?

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