My Signature Program equips the adults in our kids' lives with what they need to know so that they can help, support, and teach their kids as they bootstrap through the online world. I also provide workshop-style sessions with kids, a tested and proven curriculum, and actionable ready-to-use ways to be and raise the change.

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Using best practice, researched and proven teaching methods, I engineer custom learning experiences for educators who are excited to take action to help their community understand how to keep up with our children online even as they start to know more about their devices than we do and actively and purposefully teach them that the same things that matter in person matter online.

  • Keep your community informed
  • Create a strategic learning experience
  • Engineer a community stance that we can—and should—teach our children what they need to know
  • Be a leader in your industry
  • I'll get you there.

Galit is such a blessing to parents everywhere trying to maneuver social media with their kids.


Galit’s talk is great in terms of both professionalism and content. She is eye opening + thought provoking.


Galit teaches by example that sharing ideals and talking about each other’s experiences is how we can make this a better and safer place for our children and our families!



Custom + Guided Curriculum Services

Curriculum instruction, implementation, and support services for thought leaders needing to effectively train their teams so that they can truly help the families in their community. Strategy and implementation for the exclusive few who truly want to be change makers.

Services (includes custom strategy): Ongoing educator, parent, and student training, live support, custom curriculum, step-by-step implementation, my signature systems in place, and the rights to use all of the above again and again.

Please note: I only have three of these slots left at this time.

Please send me an email at galitbreen@theselittlewaves.net to apply for this program and to receive a quote.

Learning Summit

The topic of raising digital kids is akin to Driver's Ed, Sex Ed, or Drug Prevention—there is too much to cover in one learning conversation. A Learning Summit with me is a 3-part strategic speaker or live webinar series to delve deeply into your community's most pressing topics today and to provide insight and support for the topics that are absolutely coming all of our way. The Learning Summit is for the group who is committed to digging into this topic on a deeper level. Together, we'll identify where your community is now with this topic, where they'd like to be, and how we can get them there + one step further.


One Hour Guest Speaker Or Live Webinar

A one-hour guest speaker or live webinar with me to give your community a starting off point for discussing the digital world and to identify and answer your community's burning questions about this topic. Become a leader and role model in your community by addressing this pressing topic head on and providing a solution to everyone's burning question: how do we help our children navigate the murky social media waters effectively and correctly?


One Hour 1:1 Strategy Session

A one-hour 1:1 session with me to create a custom learning strategy specific to your group and identify the exact content plan you need to use so that you can meet your community's questions with real, actionable answers. Together, we'll lay the groundwork so that your community will feel prepared to teach their students and children about the online world.


We’re the first generation of parents and educators raising digital kids without having been them. I will help your community do something about that.