What age should a child get a cell phone is a HOT parenting debate. There are many pros and cons to getting kids cell phones. One benefit to getting your child a cell phone at a younger age is that you can start having great conversations about responsibility with them at a younger age when they are still listening to you! No matter how old your kids or students are, there are some great conversations you can start having with them right now (today, even) to help prepare your child for their first cell phone. This is a list of conversations to have with kids about cell phone use and social media use even if they're not online yet! BONUS: There is a free, printable checklist of conversations to have with kids about cell phone use at the end of this post!

Are you wondering if your child is too young to learn about social media?

Turn that worry-frown upside-down and learn what to do.

Is 12 too young for a cell phone? So many parents ask this! The truth is that only you can decide this, but you can learn the exact things to discuss before getting your child a cell phone. Print out this checklist—it's super helpful!
  • Discover the 7 conversations you can start having with your kids kids about the online world today (even if they're not online yet!)
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Do you remember your parents having The Talk with you? This super short and actionable video and checklist breaks down the biggest mistake we make when we talk to our kids about big things AND how to do this better. (Both of these are free. Make sure to download the checklist as it’s specific to teaching kids about social media! So good!)