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Our tweens are faced with so much today! At the height of everything we know—hormones, balance, friendship woes—is the Internet and social media. These 16 things I want my tween to know about social media are spot on. Social media doesn’t have to be all duck faces and meanness—it can reflect our values and morals. I love this and am printing it out and giving it to my tween!

This spot on post about how kids really use social media is supposed to be enlightening for kids, but I learned so much about how kids are using the Internet! (#8! Omg) I am going to print this out, memorize it, and share it with my tween—we both need it!

 Tween girls are on social media a lot! But this doesn’t mean that they know what is okay to post and what is not okay to post online. I love this post from Scary Mommy because it is funny, but it’s also spot on! There are 16 “rules” and a free printable copy of them—I am so printing this out and giving it to my tween!

 This Scary Mommy post about tween girls is so spot on! Tween girls are on social media a lot! This is such a fun and spot on way to remind them that the way we act online is the same as the way we should act in person. (And no more duck faces! Ha!). There is a free printable of this list here. Click through to get it! (*I’m going to give this to my tween!)

There is so much I’m realizing that I don’t even know about how kids use social media—and I’m on Facebook and Instagram a lot! I love this list of 16 things to teach our kids about posting online because it’s lighthearted, but also down to earth and based in values. I love this. (A lot.) I’m going to bring this out and share it with my tween—there’s a lot in here for us to discuss!

16 things to teach kids before they post online—this is brilliant. A perfect mix of funny, down to earth, and spot on truths. I love these lessons and I can’t wait to share them with my daughter! (Starting with #8. Gross!)

I think we moms undervalue how much we can teach our kids about posting online. How to have good values, good habits, and be a good person? That, friends, we know. I LOVE this post because it breaks down what’s really important about how our kids post online. And the nixing of duck faces? I’ll take that, too! Ha! (I think I’m going to print this out to share with my kids!)

Ooh this is such excellent advice for parents of tweens who are already online or who are about to be. I love that these lessons are value-based, but aren’t bossy or naggy at all. This whole list of things things to teach kids about social media is absolute gold and I can’t wait to print it out and share it with my tween!