Are video apps safe is a question that we should be asking, even if we don't want to! Kids are using these popular video apps, so it's important for parents and teachers to know what they can about how kids use video apps, what video apps kids are using, and how we can monitor and help them. This is a cheat sheet of five popular video apps kids use including, dubsmash, vine, periscope, and video on instagram. This really detailed information is helpful to have all in one place!

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It can feel hard to stay on top of the popular video apps that kids are using. This detailed checklist will help. Learn the ins and outs of 5 popular video apps and stay on top of your kids app use! What a relief! P.S. The checklist is printable so that you can keep it on hand for when you need it!
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Popular video apps for kids // Kids are absolutely using video on the internet and we need to know about it! This is a really detailed cheat sheet about five popular video apps kids use:, dubsmash, vine, periscope, and video for instagram. Video apps for kids are actually a lot of fun and can be educational when they are used the right way. This detailed cheatsheet is so helpful to know what kids are doing and how to help them be safe while they are using video apps so they can enjoy them and learn from them. This is super helpful and important!