Easy! 2 Steps To Understanding How Technology Use Impacts Kids

13 ways tech impacts kids
"Galit Breen is the guru for teaching kids to use the Internet responsibly."

— Leighann Adams, MultitaskingMama.com

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I created these bonuses exclusively for my Kindness Wins readers! Congratulations on taking a big leap toward keeping up with your kids' online use AND creating a safer, wiser, and KINDER Internet for us all. Creating a culture of kindness is a journey and I'm here to make it as easy and fun as possible. I hope these resources bring you much (online) kindness.

Galit Breen

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18 Surprising Celebrity Quotes You Need In Your Life


Each chapter of Kindness Wins opens with a quote from celebrities including Lily Tomlin, Amy Poehler, J.K. Rowling, Steve Jobs, and more.

It's not only so good for us to surround ourselves with celebrity thoughts on kindness and change-making, but these also make amazing springboards for conversations to have with our kids about these topics.

Remember that our kids will respond to and learn from these conversations best when the topic is NOT their own digital use or mistakes, so snag these quotes and make that Ongoing Dialogue even easier to start and maintain today!

Kindness Wins Contracts: This Is Swipe Copy You Can Steal


The crux of Kindness Wins is that in order for us to see a real change in how the online world works, we need to discuss this topic with both our children AND our peers.

This is why each chapter of Kindness Wins includes talking points for kids and talking points for peers.

In chapter 10 there is both a "Kindness Wins Manifesto" and a "Parents of Tweens and Teens Manifesto." 

Snag this swipe copy of BOTH to commit to these important conversations with your kids and your peers today!

Do You Know Where Your Kids Interact Online? This Is What You Need To Know.


As we're trying to help our kids maneuver the online world, it's so important to view the online world from their points of view. And when it comes to WHERE interactions are happening, there's so much more to it than what a casual scroll through their phone or apps will show!

While I always recommend focusing on dialogue over monitoring, we do have to keep up with our kids' experiences, especially as they're first starting out with their online use.

Chapter 2 goes into a lot of details of where and how kids are interacting, print out this BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front) and simple checklist version of this information as a reminder of where to look on your kids' device and what to discuss about their use!

This Is How To Tell Your Friend That Her Child Made A Mistake Online Without Feeling Like A Jerk


We have to decide with our friends what we will tell each other about what we see in our kids' online behavior and, equally importantly, how we will share this information. What words can we use that will be direct and helpful, but not accusatory and shaming?

Chapter 3 includes one detailed example of how I reached out to a friend about her daughter's online mistake and one detailed example of how a friend reached out to me about an online mistake that I made.

Take a look at this email formula that both of the examples in the book followed. This specific one explains how to reach out to a friend about their child's online mistakes in a helpful, supportive way and the format is reusable in any situation. (*And yes, you are more than welcome to copy my exact words, if this is helpful to you!)

The Dead Simple, No-Fail Way To Get Your Child To Talk To You


Minnesotans believe that you should never show up to gatherings empty-handed and that all good conversations happen over snacks.

So at the end of Kindness Wins I share our family's favorite cookie recipe—straight from a Cabin Cookbook that my mother in law gifted to me when I first moved to Minnesota.

And here is my signature version of an Interactive Journal that you can print as many copies of as you'd like and use with as many children as you'd like.

The idea is to print out many copies of the different versions, keep them all in one place, such as a binder, and let your children pick the format they're in the mood to use each day. They write—or draw—to you, you write—or draw—back, and before you know it, your dialogue is open.

The different formats make these more accessible to your kids depending on their mood. And the more accessible they are, the more likely your kids are to talk to you.

Remember that the most balanced, safe, wise, and KIND online users are TALKING to their adults. Use this Interactive Journal as one way to open and continue that Ongoing Dialogue.


My Top 5 Parenting Books

I get asked all the time which books I recommend for parents. Besides my own book (ha!), here are 5 essentials that have changed my parenting and my family. I also can't recommend this book enough. It's not a parenting book, but it is an absolute must read for anyone who is interested in the state of the Internet.

Click the covers to learn more about each one:

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I was looking for the best way to keep up with all these new and changing apps. I loved the information about how to do this without feeling like I have to monitor their apps and phones all the time; it's exhausting! Now I have a better grip on things—so thank you!

Melissa K, Mom of 2



This class was very thought provoking and has given us great tools to feel comfortable with the path we'd like to pave with our boys and technology. The best part was learning the exact steps of how to get balance.