Research shows that the right age to talk to kids about social media is younger than you probably think—much younger. Some of this is because at younger ages they're still listening to us! Read this article about talking to kids about social media at young ages. It is informative and thought provoking. Also, there is a free download of this article Take advantage of this so that you can refer to this later.

Does the thought of talking to your kids about social media have you shaking in your boots?

Slip on some cozy slippers and learn what to do.

Teaching kids about social media is a modern parenting must. But the right age to do this is way younger than most people realize. Read this thought-provoking article about why and how to talk to kids about social media at young ages. Also, print out the free copy of this article and have your kids read it, too!
  • Discover why the right age to teach kids about social media is much younger than you may think
  • Understand how this looks in practice and how to make it work for your kids **Passing those slippers. This is a good, important read!**
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There are so many pros and cons to letting kids use social media. The biggest pro of at least talking about it at a young age is that your kids are still listening to you then! Read this interesting and thought provoking article about the pros of letting kids use social media at a young age. Also, print out the free copy of the article to share with kids. This will start a great conversation with kids about social media.