So many of us ask should I monitor my kids phone. And as soon as we really think about dangers online, this quickly turns into how do I monitor my kids phone! The truth is that there's no replacement for actually talking to our kids about their phone use, but especially in the beginning, we do need to monitor our kids phone starting with their apps photos, texts, and search histories. This detailed checklist of what to monitor our kids phones for is really useful and important!

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How do I monitor my child's cell phone use is such a common question! There are four things that you should start checking on your child's cell phone starting yesterday. Learn exactly what they are. Also, print out the free checklist so that you can refer to it and make doing this as simple as possible!
  • Discover the 4 things you should be checking on your child's phone starting yesterday
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Monitor kids online // The answer to should I check my kids phone is absolutely YES. It's true that there is no replacement for real conversations with kids about their phone and Internet use. But we do have to check kids phones while they are learning, because they may need help and we are the ones who can help them! This is a really helpful checklist of what to check on kids phones and why. This is so important!