As your kids enter the school-age years, you actually need your support system more than ever. But that support system, is awfully quiet these days.

The line between what is okay to share about your kids — on the soccer field and on social media — and what definitely isn't seems to be much more drawn in the sand.

So what's a Savvy Parent like you to do?

Find a community of like-minded parents who are also trying to keep up with their kids' online use in positive, proactive ways.

That's what the Savvy Parents Club is.

These are the kinds of things you'll discuss in The Savvy Parents Club every single day:


This is your space to connect with like-minded parents of school-age kids who are online now or will be soon, I can't wait to meet you.


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Hi, I'm Galit, the host of The Savvy Parents Club. I give you the tools you need to let your kids benefit from the amazing things the online world has to offer them and create a popsicle dripping, chapter book reading in one sitting, leaf crunching childhood that they deserve.


Here are a few reasons why you should join:


• Because it's the fastest, easiest way to get in touch with me.
• Because you get access to OTHER parents of school age kids who also want to teach their kids about the online world.
• Because it's not like every other conversation about kids online: I believe that you can let your kids be online and still keep them safe.
• Because I promise that you can let your kids use screens AND create a grass-under-your-bare-feet childhood and this is where we can Coffee Talk about that.


When you join the Savvy Parents Club, you’ll learn simple, creative ways to let your kids use screens without all the crazy worrying.


So if any of that sounds like fun to you (it is!), what are you waiting for? Get in here!


This is what The Savvy Parents Club is all about.

The conversations about online safety and kindness you’ll have with your kids are where the golden sparkles of change can shine. Education is your kids' path there. But it’s the conversations you’ll have with your peers that have the potential to be platinum.

This is why I’m sharing a Parents of Tweens Manifesto with you as a welcome gift. Ten I wills that have nothing and everything to do with your kids. “Nothing” because these points are focused on how you’ll treat other parents you know who have kids in a similar life stage as yours. And “everything” because when you choose to be on the same team, everyone and everything wins.

CLICK HERE to get your own copy of this manifesto, then use it to be the one who brings your group of people together. Amy would be so proud. :)

The Parents of Tweens Manifesto

I will remember that we’re all learning.

I will tell you what I learn.

I will listen when you tell me what you know.

I will look out for your child like I do my own.

I will work with you to make sure that both of our kids are in a safe, kind online space.

I will admit when I’m wrong.

I will show you grace when you admit the same.

I will hold my kids accountable for being kind to yours.

I will remember that your kids are good as they’re learning the same.

I will know—and act like I know—that we’re in this together.

It doesn't really matter how we reach out to people, does it? The trick is to get into the habit of playing on the same team so that all of our kids—and us—can thrive within these tween years. And then to teach our kids to watch out for each other, too. CLICK HERE to get that manifesto and to begin focusing on your tribe today. And then, join the Savvy Parents Club. I can't wait to meet you!