It is so important to keep kids safe online! One way to do this is to know what are some safe websites for kids to explore and enjoy so parents can give their kids a little freedom to learn and play and worry LESS. Bonus: There is a free download of a list of safe websites for kids at the end of this post!

Are your kids asking to be online and you're fretting over which apps to say "yes" to?

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Educational apps for kids // When your kids start asking to use apps and sites online, it is so important to know which ones are good to say yes to! Give this list of nine teacher and mom (and kid!) approved sites to use. They're safe, interesting, and educational. Click through to download a free copy of this list and give it right to your kids!
  • Discover 11 apps and sites that you can feel great about letting your kids use.
  • Learn what makes a site safe and what definitely doesn't. (Hint: If it has any sort of social component to it, you'll need to monitor it!) **Insert high-five, this is a big one to figure out!**
  • Have a teacher and mama approved checklist you can hand your kids when they ask what sites they can use!
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Apps for kids that teachers love // One thing that's definitely on parents and teachers minds is what are safe apps for kids and safe sites for kids to visit. This is a cheat sheet of sites you can feel good about sending your kids to because they are either educational or pure fun and they don't have a social component to them. It's really nice to put this list up and let kids choose where they want to be online without worrying!