Our course Q & A Webinar will be on Wednesday, May 24th at 11:AM CST. I'll be answering your specific questions that come up for you throughout the week, so feel free to start writing your questions in the Questions section below as you work through each day's lessons. Even if you can't tune in live, use this opportunity to ask specific questions and you can see the answers when you watch the replay. 

This Q & A was recorded live. You can either watch the replay from beginning to end, or find specific A's to your Q's at the following time stamps:


2:38 I can't control the amount of time my oldest spends on his screen.


4:27 Children in my son's class are getting devices of their own and my son wants one, too.


6:47 I don’t want to have arguments over electronics use. (She’s getting a phone soon.)


8:32 I notice my son wanting to play games with chat features more, and even if he doesn't engage or want to talk to online strangers (yet), I worry about the content that he can see in the chat. I mostly don't want to micromanage every game he plays or interaction he has, but I want him to have the tools to be safe and to ask for help when he needs it.


12:53 Question for you about your house rule about no phones in bedrooms ... I love this rule and we do something similar (no devices in bedrooms overnight). Do you let your kids use their devices in their bedrooms during the day? What about when they have friends over?


16:01 + 18:44 My friend 's SIL and MIL have very different "rules" about games and electronic use. How should she approach this? Her kids are 6 & 9, and her nephew is 6 or 7 and plays Call of Duty, has a TV in his room, and just has NO limits. She's not sure how to approach the conversation with her family of what HER expectations are at their house. Any advice?


16:41 Because I am not savvy, I have given my kids way more access than I should and I don’t know how to back it off without sounding nagging, etc …


19:05 I feel like video games are the be all and end all — everything else is “boring."


20:54 + 26:16 Can you talk more about spot checks and together checks? Our arrangement thus far has been just together checks. What's a savvy way to introduce spot checks? Also, do you have a suggestion for how often to do spot checks and together checks? Do you have a fun way to announce that it's "together check time”?


24:07 I want to communicate my fears without scaring her.


26:29 I really hate the melt downs when I request to do a routine check of phone messages, etc.


28:43 He throws fits when asked to turn off a screen. So often "5 more minutes" turns into an hour or more. 


32:18 I have concerns about my son's safety - I don’t know what "worlds" he's in or what he's doing in there.


34:00 I’m not up on all the games and trends enough to know what is age appropriate or not.


36:49 The one problem I am still having is the online behavior that my daughter’s friends are displaying that is less than nice.  Seemingly innocent things such as posting a picture of a group of people in which my daughter is not included hurt her a lot.  Maybe the others were doing it intentionally to hurt but more likely they were just having fun and wanted to capture the moment, whatever the intention, my daughter still has her feelings hurt, how can I help her?


40:36 How can I stop the pain that comes from the other girls displaying less than ideal behavior online?  I can teach my daughter PAUSE but that does not mean the other girls are using it and they still say hurtful things online.


44:36 What about this obsession with snap chat streaks?  For the most part my daughter does display moderation when it comes to how much time she spends online but she is obsessed with keeping her snap chat streaks and she has probably more than 50 of them going.  She feels that if she is breaking a streak she is letting the other girl down.


47:10 I want to help my daughter to find balance and not just resort to being on her device when she is bored. 


47:49 Not knowing when my son will be ready for a device or HOW to build safety skills & common sense so we can trust him to use a device wisely and appropriately.


48:56 It’s a real struggle when I need to take the screens away.


49:36 I hate watching the same kids make the same mistakes over and over. No matter what I say, these same kids are in the middle of instagram drama all the time.


51:51 I teach high school, and many of my students play way too many video games. My son has started to play Minecraft at night with his dad, and I just don't want him to turn into a person who lacks creativity or passion for life because he's too busy playing video games. 


53:32 We try to keep television to 30 mn - 60 mn a day, but my three year old is obsessed and wants more and more. This is why I've turned to you!! I want to do this right from an early age.


54:39 Is the video game expert a live video?


54:43 What’s the best way to monitor what they are exposed to?


56:44 I hate that access to video games has become the carrot and the stick.


57:51 I need help deciding what is an appropriate amount of time to be on devices and what apps can be used.


59:41 + 1:03:07 I want to be in line with my spouse on these items. 


1:01:19 Keeping up with all the new apps our kids learn about before we do can feel overwhelming.


1:01:56 Screen time limits has mixed results. Choosing high quality programming has worked. I don't know 😔


1:04:14 My kids get angry when I ask them to do something else, they seem to not be able to put it down. Help?


1:05:47 I want my daughter to hand over her device without a fight, and I don’t want to find her device hidden!


1:06:19 I need a better handle on apps.


1:07:15 What is appropriate for each age/stage?


1:09:03 What are the best safety and security measures?