School's Out! :)

You're officially done with Raise Your Digital Kid™! Woot. Congratulations on taking action and getting ahead of what your kids need to know so that they can be safe + kind online users. 

You have lifetime access to the lessons and you're welcome to join in on any future rounds of the class. I will email you and let you know when these start so that you can decide if you'd like a refresher or a do-over, or not.

This surprise bonus is my gift to you for being a part of RYDK™. Even though I don't think that you need to get mired in the details of every single app from now until forever, I do think that you need to know the basics of the apps that your kids ask to use in the beginning of all of this.

So this bonus is an App Deck. If your kids ask about using a new app that you are not familiar with, start here.

* And if they ask about an app that I do not have a resource for listed here, email me ( and I will do my absolute best to help. I hope that this bonus is helpful and thank you, again, for being a part of this class!