Welcome to the Raise Your Digital Kid™ program!

This is the place for understanding what underlying skills your kids need to be smart and safe online users and how to teach these step-by-step.

Our first lesson will go live on Monday, May 15th (I'll email you with a direct link). You'll be working at your own pace (take all the time you need), but I'll be dripping out lessons each day following the Raise Your Digital Kid™ program calendar. This program has been carefully constructed so that each lesson builds on the one before, so make sure you don't skip any steps.

The first week's lesson will center on Ongoing Dialogue, and you'll be able to watch the course video at a time that works best for you. Each day, you'll also get immediate access to resources, notes, and links that will help you apply your learning right away.

Before the program kicks off on Monday the 15th, watch the welcome video and complete the quick questionnaire. These can be found on your Welcome Page.

And before our kickoff, if you have specific questions, send an email to galitbreen@theselittlewaves.net and I will help you in any way I can.

The Welcome Information is ready for you! Right now, click here or on the gray "Welcome" tile below!

P.S. Content will be added to the links below as the Raise Your Digital Kid™ program progresses.


Upcoming Q & A Webinar

Our course Q & A Webinar will be on Wednesday, May 24th at 11:AM CST. I'll be answering your specific questions that come up for you throughout the week, so feel free to start writing your questions in the Questions section on the Webinar page as you work through each day's lessons. Even if you can't tune in live, use this opportunity to ask specific questions and you can see the answers when you watch the replay. 

Access the Webinar page here >>


We may not be meeting up in person for each lesson, but that doesn't mean we can't interact online! Join your Facebook Group to answer the daily questions and to meet and support others in the course.

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