Easy! 2 Steps To Understanding How Technology Use Impacts Kids

13 ways tech impacts kids
"Galit Breen is the guru for teaching kids to use the Internet responsibly."

— Leighann Adams, MultitaskingMama.com

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I actually think that the most efficacious way of making a difference is to lead by example, and doing random acts of kindness is setting a very good example of how to behave in the world.
— Misha Collins

Everything about this quote is perfect, except for the "random" part. I believe that, together, we can actively and purposefully BE the change by making spreading kindness the habit, the norm, the way.

So I'm looking for parents and educators who are also kindness warriors.


Is that you?


If so, then join me for a 5-day online kindness challenge.

Everyday for 5 days, you will get an email from me with one purposeful act of kindness challenge.

Each challenge will take 10 minutes or less to complete.

Also everyday, you'll be invited to a Facebook Live online kindness meeting of the minds with me inside our Facebook group, The Savvy Parents Club, with that day's challenge prompt in the spotlight.

At the end of the week, you will have a kindness-minded community, an online kindness habit in place, and the tools to pass that kindness on. 

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The best way to make a difference is to BE the change and then TEACH your kids how to be the change, too. That’s what we’re doing here.

Are you ready to be the change?


Come BE the change today + LEAD the change tomorrow all within The 5-Day Online Kindness Challenge.

5 Days
10 Minutes per day
1 Goal

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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
— Margaret Mead