Learn what the savviest—and busiest—moms are doing to handle it when their kids ask for another new app.

This hack? Is like magic.

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New app asks do NOT have to be so super stressful or unmanageable.

Want to learn how to handle all those new app asks like a total boss?

galit breen

Hi, I'm Galit. Best selling author, TEDx speaker, parent educator, researcher, mom. I'm going to help you raise and teach your digital kids. I've been teaching and working in social media for 8+ years.

If you are so over vague, surface level online safety advice and are ready to actually teach your kids and students what they need to know to make an impact + raise a leader, we're going to get along just fine.

Let's start at the very beginning with what to do when you're just happily going along, minding your own business, managing dinner / homework / practice pickup / missing uniforms LIKE A BOSS, when one of your kids asks for ANOTHER new app. Sister, I've been there and I've so got you.

In this FREE + SHORT video, you'll learn:

  • Exactly how to figure out which apps to say yes to and which ones to run far, far away from
  • My proven system that gets your kids' buy in
  • The only plan you need to have in place to regain your App Ask sanity
  • The ready-to-use routine that you can establish for all of the above TODAY
  • How to save time when your kids ask for apps AND 
  • Do the right thing for your kids and your family when it comes to APP ASKS






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