Easy! 2 Steps To Understanding How Technology Use Impacts Kids

13 ways tech impacts kids
"Galit Breen is the guru for teaching kids to use the Internet responsibly."

— Leighann Adams, MultitaskingMama.com

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This Is Why You Need To Have The Social Media ‘Talk’ Earlier Than You Might Think

This Is Why You Need To Have The Social Media ‘Talk’ Earlier Than You Might Think

You know you’ve thought it, too.

Once, it even fell right out of your mouth. OUT LOUD.

That cringe-worthy phrase that you swore you’d never say.

The truth is you don’t even believe it! At least not fully. But just between you and me, you did think it.

It went something like this:


That's when your child will be the one to make a mistake online.

Omg, the cringe.

The grimace.

The backpedalling.

I know. I've done it, too. And I'm spilling it ALL today.

What Is The Right Age To Get My Child A Phone?

What Is The Right Age To Get My Child A Phone?

It absolutely reeks of Judy (Judgerson, that is).

That question the pickup line moms ask you, like you’re supposed to know the answer.

And they ask it with one eyebrow up and a smirk, like they know SO MUCH more than you, when really?

They’re just trying to make themselves feel better about a snap decision they’ve made.

The judgey, uppity, pour-salt-right-into-your-mama-guilt question:

But does she really NEED a phone?


The assumption is that your child isn’t OLD ENOUGH.

Her age ISN'T 13. 


Her BIRTHDAY hasn’t even happened yet.

And not only that?

But technology isn't a PART of your everyday life.


* That's my pause to give you a chance to take in the silliness of that assumption being made ... with a phone in hand.

** Or even better ... in a Facebook thread.

But if you press her on it, that mom (bless her heart), who REALLLLLY wants to give you her parenting opinion? Has no idea why she made that decision. Or what her next step is in helping her tween have a healthy relationship with technology.

She’ll point to your Facebook question about a phone for your tween, frown, and say, “Well, THAT'S the problem.”

She’ll say, “Let her stay little! Kids today (insert hand-on-heart here) are growing up much too fast.”

(Whatever that means.)

Or maybe she’ll just hold out her hand, tap her foot, and wait for you to sign her pledge.

The one that says that if you just wait till your child is 13, she'll magically just know how to be safe and smart with her phone.

And it’s true – sometimes you DO need to wait a little bit longer before getting your child a phone, but here’s the truth:

No birthday magically makes a child responsible, bully-proof, and a smart decision maker.

But on the other hand?

It’s absolutely possible to have a strong, smart, informed, and ready to have her own phone child without touching a “Wait Until 8th” Pledge.

That means that before you go deleting that Facebook post, HOPING the carpool moms didn’t see that you were considering getting your tween a phone, you need to figure out:

Is there something you – and your child – need first?

And that's what we're going to dig into today.