How To Stop Being The iPad Police Once And For All

How To Stop Being The iPad Police Once And For All

Admit it.

You’re tired.

All those after school triggers fueled by not enough coffee, churning out dinner, and managing your child's iPad time … It's all just about to do you in.

And just when you think you’re about to get a big break? A chance to sit down for the first time today, peek at Facebook, sip your grapefruit La Croix — along comes your Mini Me asking for another show / another app / another YouTube video.

And you’re starting to wonder, Is this what it’s always going to feel like?

How do other parents do it?

How do they have the energy?

Well, I have a little secret for you:

Not all moms are running this rat race. In fact, some of them are actually taking this digital age pretty slow, enjoying the ride.

Yes, I said enjoying.

And I’m excited to let you in on exactly how to enjoy it, too, first-hand.

That's what what we're going to dig into today.

This Is The Surprising Problem With Bad Apps For Kids

This Is The Surprising Problem With Bad Apps For Kids

Do you ever wonder if it'll end?

The nonstop hamster wheel style chase you've been on trying to keep up with good apps for your child versus the big, bad ones?

The chase. The worry. The relief in finding an app okay enough to say "yes" to that you haven't seen even a trace of it mentioned by your friends on Facebook.

And then, one day, while you're innocently sipping your latte in your LuLaRoe's, scrolling through Facebook, you see it — again.

The warnings.

The indignant cries of, "that's why my child isn't online yet." #TskTsk

The heartbreaking story of another child making another mistake on another app.

Only this time?

It's the app you said, "yes" to. 

Your tummy is absolutely sinking and your heart is definitely pounding louder than before. Not even a unicorn LuLaRoe could make this one better. 

I have news for you: 

It'll happen again.

And again.

Snapchat has been in the hotseat for forever.

Instagram is being blamed for a whole lot of heartache.

Even Roblox has been in the (bad) news.

Which is why you can't afford to keep making this mistake:

Focusing on bad apps instead of good skills.

Wait, what?

This is exactly what we're going to cover today.

11 Bizarre Rules That Will Help You Be Kind And Lead People

11 Bizarre Rules That Will Help You Be Kind And Lead People

If you are new here, then welcome. I'm so glad you're here and I'm so happy to tell you that reading this list will let you know without a shadow of a doubt whether or not this is the space for you. 

I teach parents and educators how to keep up with their kids' online use.

And at first blush you might be thinking, "I'm in!"

But wait.

I need you to know two things first.

First, what I teach here is different than anything else you're going to find out there.

It is all based on my personal, unique position of having a masters degree in conversations that teach + a decade of classroom teaching experience and working online and in social media for 8+ years and having been shamed online and seeing firsthand what it takes to come out on the other side.

And second, everything that I teach comes back to this center:

We have to move from taking care of ourselves and our own children to taking care of each other and each other's children.

This topic is too important.

This topic is too important to me to let you start digging in here, and further down the line realize that we're mismatched, and have you dismiss the need to teach your kids about the online world because of that.

So I'm laying it all out here.

So I'm laying it all out here so that you can decide if you want to learn about this topic from me.

I am a good fit for those of you who:

  • Want to keep up with your kids' online use (even as they start to know more about the online world than you do)
  • And for those of you who know in your heart-of-hearts that you can, should, and WANT to raise a leader, a change-maker, a kindness warrior
  • *At the same time

Is that you?

If so, then keep reading.