Every modern parent is wondering the same thing: is Instagram safe for kids? There are good things about Instagram, but there are also definitely things that both teachers and parents should know about how kids use Instagram. This is a detailed rundown of the ins and outs of Instagram, what kids are doing on Instagram, and where to check to make sure that your kids are safe on Instagram! BONUS: There is a free printable list of the things to check on your kids' Instagram account at the end of this post!

Have a nagging feeling that there's more to what your kids are doing on Instagram than posting pictures of their schedules?

Unfurl those brows and learn what to do about it.

Is Instagram a good app for kids? This is not as simple of a question as it seems! Learn how kids really use Instagram and what to do about it. You can stay on top of this! Print out the cheatsheet at the end of this post—it's super helpful!
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Is Instagram ok for kids // It is so tempting to ask if kids should be on Instagram, but the fact is that many kids are on Instagram so what we really need to ask is how are kids using Instagram and how can we help. This is a really detailed cheat sheet of how kids use Instagram. It's really helpful to see this laid out so clearly!