A really important thing that teachers and parents have to do is figure out how to talk to children about cyberbullying.  This topic is so layered and complicated, it can feel hard to know where to start. This is a list of five tools to use to spring board conversations about cyberbullying with kids. BONUS: There is a free printable list for parents and teachers to use. Sometimes it's nice to have a starting point to get the discussion going!

Nervous to broach the topic of cyber bullying with your kids?

Unfret those hands and learn what to do.

To teach kids about cyber bullying you need a good starting point that will teach them what they need to know without scaring them away from the conversation. Try one of these five proven conversation starters. Print out the checklist for easy reference!
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Cyber bullying lessons for kids // Now more than ever, we need to teach kids about cyber bullying. We need to open the right conversations with our kids so they know they can talk to us if they need help and so they know how to help someone else. These 5 conversations starters are great resources to make this topic easier to broach and to have a framework for what to discuss with our kids. This is an important topic and these lesson plan starters are really helpful!