When kids ask to buy new apps all the time it can be really overwhelming to know what the best apps for kids really are. This method really works because it gives kids a chance to make a case for an app that they'd like to try. Print out the free worksheet and try this with your kids. it really works!

Does the thought of your kids asking to buy one more app make your cringe?

Relax those shoulders and learn what to do.

Should kids use social media is a very good question to ask. But a better question is how do I handle my kids social media use. Begin with this parenting hack that teaches kids to research the apps they want to use. Print out the free worksheet and begin using this today!
  • Discover the simple hack that will teach your kids to research the apps they want to use
  • Understand how to ease the decision-making pressure on you and teach your children that this is a decision that requires —at the same time **High-5 for effective + efficient!**
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Should I let my kid use apps is such a great question. But the truth is that kids are online, so an even better question is what to do when kids ask to use new apps. This parenting hack can help by asking kids to research the apps that they want to use. Print the free worksheet out and start using this with your kids today. This is so smart and helpful!