Figuring our what to teach kids in order to protect kids from strangers online is a number one worry for parents and teachers. The fact is our kids ARE online and these dangers ARE real. This example shows what a real 12 year old did when she saw something unsafe online. She did such a great job! Wait till you see what steps she took. BONUS: There is a free printable download of what to teach so you can protect kids from strangers online just like these parents did!

Are your kids online? Instagram? Snapchat?

Clear out those worry lines, and teach them what they need to know about strangers online. This is an after school special, millennial-style.


Fact: we need to teach our kids about strangers online. While 99% of people are good, there are creeps online and it's best to teach our kids what they need to do if they come across one. Click through to snag this cheatsheet and script. Better yet, print out the copy at the end and read it with your kids! That's what I'm going to do!
  • Discover the steps that kids need to take if they come across something creepy online (Hint: Blocking is not necessarily one of them.)
  • Understand the proven script you can use to teach your kids so that they really get it **Insert confetti** Having this on hand is celebration-worthy!
  • Get free + instant access to the short and actionable video where I detail this.
  • Plus, gain free admission into my private Facebook group where you have access to me and my ideas so that you can use them in your own home or classroom with your own kids.

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Is the internet dangerous for kids? It seems so scary! The reality is that there are dangerous things online for kids. What we can do about this is teach our kids exactly what to do if they see something unsafe online. The more they know about what to do, the safer they'll actually be. Click through to get this free video and checklist to keep your kids safe online!