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  • Exactly how to figure out which apps to say yes to and which ones to run far, far away from
  • My proven system that gets your kids' buy in
  • The only plan you need to have in place to regain your App Ask sanity
  • The ready-to-use routine that you can establish for all of the above TODAY
  • How to save time when your kids ask for apps AND 
  • Do the right thing for your kids and your family when it comes to APP ASKS

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Video length: 16:55


P.S. While you are getting "Convince Me" in place and teaching your kids the skills they need to know to be great online, it's best to let them use apps and sites that do NOT have a social component to them.

If it is helpful, there is a list of my elementary school-aged kids' favorites inside my resource library. Click the blue button above to get that list!