You just read ANOTHER Facebook post about the latest app that
your kid absolutely HAS to stay away from.

You're so done stress eating while combing through Facebook threads for the latest app gone wrong.

Boom, Done Digital Parenting™ is a 7 day online course that teaches you what your kids face online and how to help them be safe there without the Facebook thread sleuthing.
(*Or the stress eating.)

Life after:

* Your kids are safe and kind online.

* They use screens as tools.

* You know exactly what your kids are doing online. #NeverMissAThing

* You say "yes" to that app and "no" to that one without Facebook sourcing this bad boy, you KNOW what your answer is.

* Your friends come to you for advice on how to get through this digital age so you put your feet up, pass the chai latte, and fill them in.


Thanks to Galit now I have the tools I need to prepare my daughter for the real responsibilities of using social media!

Sarah Wall
Mom of 2

Let me save you endless hours of learning how kids use apps and interact online and years of training in best practice teaching methods. I'll tell you exactly what you need to do so that you can just be with your kids.

Learn exactly what you need to know in one week.


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Galit gave me practical and easy ways to actually DO THIS. It all feels so simple now, and even better yet, I'm guilt-free about screen time.

Anne Bracken McGraw
@abmcgraw on twitter

Understand exactly what your kids need to know.


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Hi, I'm Galit

I'm the best-selling author of Kindness Wins, a simple, no-nonsense guide to teaching our kids how to be kind online; the TEDx Talk, “Raising a digital kid without having been one”; and the online courses Boom, Done Digital Parenting™ and Raise Your Digital Kid™. I'm going to help you understand the landscape of your child's online use and teach you how to best help her be safe online. Let's get started.




Who this is not for:

* You don't have children

* Your children don't use screens now

* And won't be using screens any time soon

Who this is for:

* You have a school-age child

* Who has her own device

* Or who will be getting one soon

What's included:

* 7 written lessons to read

* 1 4-page downloadable + printable PDF

* A steal-able example of an adult-child cell phone contract that actually works

Make digital parenting simple today.


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Having a roadmap to address the common pitfalls keeps me at ease, keeps my children safer, and keeps all parties involved wise!


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