Are photos private on Instagram is a questions that SO MANY parents and teachers ask. The real truth is that the default setting is PUBLIC, but you can reset it to PRIVATE. The other real truth is this: Even private photos are sharable. This free, printable tutorial shows kids exactly how this can happen so they can see for themselves why they need to be careful with what they share online. This is really effective! BONUS: There is a free printable tutorial that explains exactly how this works at the end of this post!

Are you worried about your child's privacy online?

Unworry those hands and learn what to do.

It is a face that private photos online doesn't necessarily mean what it sounds like. Learn how privacy settings  aren't the only, or even the best, way to keep kids safe online and to keep private photos private. Print out the free cheatsheet so that you can teach your kids and students this important info like a boss!
  • Discover what "private" photos really mean
  • Understand how even private photos can be shared and re-shared **Passing the yoga mat, mama. We can breath right through this one!**
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Private social media accounts for kids // Many parents and teachers want to teach their kids and students the right answer to are photos really private online, but it can be hard to know how much to tell them and how to teach them these important facts! This is a detailed cheat sheet and script, a lesson plan, for how to teach kids that private on the internet isn't really all that private. This is so important!