This is a parent's guide to social media for kids. But it doesn't just cover what to check and what to buy, it covers what's really important: how to teach our kids to be kind online. This is the only book like this and it is a must read for every parent and teacher of kids who are online. Be sure to print out the free chapter, read it, and share it with your kids.

Does the thought of your kids using social media give you the heebie-bajeebies? Let go of those shivers and learn what to do.

When it comes to social media and kids there are definitely some benefits and some worries. This is the only book of its kind that addresses both from the most important lens there is: kindness. This is the only book of it's kind that focuses on what really matters online—leading with kindness, values, and morals. Read this book and print out the free chapter right here so that you can refer to it later and share it with your kids. So important!
  • Discover what every single online user needs to be directly taught (kindness)
  • Understand how to teach your kids this in a way that is seamless with what they already know about your family's beliefs and values **Passing the chocolate—yes, dark—because this is the important stuff**
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Kindness online starts with you. This book is the only one of its kind. It focuses on what really matters—how to use your kindness, values, and morals online. Every parent and teacher of kids who are online needs to read this book. Start by reading it, then print out the free chapter and have your kids read it, too. Kindness Wins when we take action. Start here.