show kindness to kids

Looking for ways to spread kindness + to be the change?

Start with your kids.

  • Discover 27 simple ways to treat your kids with kindness
  • See how to easily soften the edges of what can be a hard world
  • Create a 20% buffer to 80% of parenting lessons
  • Enjoy small moments of kindness to your kids to bookend the endless lessons and teachable moments that we can find at every turn of the day
  • Model for your kids how to assume the world should treat them and how they should treat the world
  • PLUS gain free admission into my private Facebook group so that you can connect with other likeminded parents and teachers.




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teach kindness to kids // The best way to teach kindness is to show kindness. And the perfect place to start is with our own kids. This simple list of 27 ways to be kind to kinds is a gentle parenting and mindful parenting win. Be sure to print out the free checklist so that you can keep it on hand!